Why Do You Need To Learn Python?

Python is not for everybody❌ But as you know, there are millions of developers and lots of companies around the world that uses python for production level coding. In this article, I will give you some major reasons why you might want to learn Python.

1. Python is versatile

One of the major reasons you might want to learn python is because you can go into a lot of fields after learning it. These are some of the fields where python is widely used:

1. Web Development
2. Data Science
3. Blockchain 

2. Python is easy to learn, write and read

There is no doubt that you might have heard how simple python is to learn. Python is by far the most beginner friendly programming language. It has a very clean syntax, which makes it fairly easy to write and read.
For example, declaring a variable in python is as easy doing:

name = 'Tomi'

You might also think that the simplicity of python will come at a cost of maybe its performance or usage, but i'm glad to tell you that it's simplicity doesn't have any cons relating to it's performance. It even makes it better, and this is why lots of individuals and companies choose to use the lovable language.

3. Python is In Demand

According to Statistics Times, python is the most demanding programming language of 2021 in USA, UK India, Germany and France.

What does this mean? 
It means that lots of companies are searching for python developers around the world, which leads to lots work opportunities for python developers

On average, python developers are paid an annual revenue of $114,000. Although, we can't rely too much on this stats, but i guess you have an idea of the opportunities that can come your way by having python as a skill

4. Python has an incredible community

When a programming language has a large community to back it up, it makes development for individual developers much more easier.

For example, Stackoverflow is a platform that has over 18 millions questions asked on it, and out of that number, a python question has been asked approximately 1.8 million times, taking 10% of the questions on the platform.
So, when you run into a bug, there is a 99.9% chance that someone has already asked and solved that bug.


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