Best Way To Get Started With Django



- Since Django is a python framework, the first thing to do is to learn python very well. Make sure you are very familiar with python before hopping into Django.

- This course by FreeCodeCamp will help you get started with Python.


- Now that you know python at the beginners level, i will recommend you learn more and take your python skills to an intermediate level. And I think this course by Patrick Leober on FreeCodeCamp's Youtube Channel can help you with that


- Now that you know python pretty well, it's time to jump into the Django. But before that, i will highly recommend you know HTML, CSS and JavaScript very well. Lots of developers underrate HTML, but i think it is as important as all other languages in the web development field.

- You now have all the prerequisites, let's get started with Django. As a beginner, you can get into django by taking this Tutorial for complete beginners on youtube www.​youtube.​com/playlist?list=PLQ52otQ1tqfK2qE6B0CijdT6OUmlz9HZV

- After knowing django well, the best way to improve your skills is by building projects. It has really helped me in my journey. The more project you build, the better you get in that field.

- The final tip is for you to have your portfolio. Having a portfolio to showcase your projects is very important in your career, especialy if you are a freelancer, your client will always ask for your portfolio so that they can see your projects and know what you're capable of.

With all that being said, I wish you all the best in your web development journey.

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