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What Is Python? 

Python is an high-level, interpreted, general purpose programming language. It was created by a Dutch Programmer named Guido van Rossum in 1991. It supports Object Oriented Programming. Python is very easy to learn but also very powerful. Python is the best programming language to get started in 2020. High-Tech companies uses python for their technologies. Companies like Instagram, Google, Youtube, Quora and so on. Python is used by both beginners and professional computer programmers.

What Can You Do With Python? 

Python is a vast section of computer programming, with python, you can do a tonne of things, which some of those will be discussed below:

- Web Development:
When it comes to building web applications, Python has one of the largest frameworks(a framework is similar to an application programming interface (API), a framework can be a module which allows the integration of different functionalities into a programming language) that supports it. We have frameworks like Django, Flask, and so on. Django specifically is one of the most used web frameworks in the world. In fact, the famous is totally built with Django.

- The Blockchain Technology:
There is no denial to the fact that when it comes to the financial aspect of computer programming, the Blockchain Technology is at the top. The Blockchain Technology is what is used to build what we know as Bitcoin. Bitcoin is a crypto currency(this means that it is a digital currency), which is similar to the hard currencies that we all know like United States Dollars, Japanese Yen, and so on. The only difference is that Bitcoin is spent and used to buy things online, Bitcoin has gain massive popularity because of the great increase in it's price. What i am saying in essence is that the Blockchain Technology is what is used to built major crypto curriencies, that is why a lot of developers are going fully into Blockchain.

- Artificial Intelligence:
There is no doubt that Artificial Intelligence is the greatest invention made by man after the internet. Artificial Intelligence is the intelligence applied to a machine which allows it to think and behave like a man, and help make life easier. Artificial Intelligence has come to stay. It is receiving a lot of recognition now than ever. And python is the most used Programming Language in Artificial Intelligence. That is why it is a very good field to go into with python.

If you prefer video tutorial to the documented one above, then watch the video below:

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